Erap Surviving the NPA


Erap, FVR and Cory are on their way to a province for a treaty meeting. On the way, they were ambushed by NPA's and all their PSG's and bodyguards are dead so the three of them ran for their lives

Cory, FVR and Erap kept running and the rebels are right behind them. Suddenly the three of them realized they were on a cliff and nowhere to go. But on that cliff there stood three coconut trees. So FVR said that they each climbed the tree so that the rebels won't find them.

A little while later the rebels arrived at the area. The leader said "hanapin niyo sila siguradong hindi pa sila nakakalayo." Then the other said "ser, ba' di natin halughugin ang mga niyog ba 'yan, baka nasa taas lang sila" The leader said ok so the
rebels shook the first coconut tree where FVR was.

At this point fvr was so nervous. But being the military man he is, he thought that if he would make a sound of an animal, he could get away. So FVR said "tweet...tweeet...tweet." So sabi ng rebelde, "Ser walang tao dito, ibon lang"

They shook the second coconut tree where Cory was. Ninerbiyos naman si Cory at nagpatulong kay FVR. Sabi ni FVR "Gumawa ka rin ng animal sounds." So sabi ni Cory, "meow...meow...meow". Sabi na naman ng rebelde, "ser walang tao dito, pusa lang"

So hinalughog nila ang panghuling puno kung saan naroon si Erap. Dahil sa hindi alam ni Erap ang kanyang gagawin, nagpatulong siya kay Cory. Sabi naman ni Cory , "Gumawa ka rin ng animal sound gaya ng ginawa namin ni FVR". So paghalughog ng mga rebelde ang punong kinaroroonan ni Erap sinabi niya, "moooh...moooh...moooh..."


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