Erap at the 96 Olympics

. Scenario: Olympic Stadium, Atlanta 1996 Olympics, SenatorsMaceda, Speaker de Venecia, and ERAP were at the main entrance to the Stadium and arguing loudly with the white security guard who refused them entry.

Senator Maceda: "But you don't understand, we are important politicians from the Philippines and we would like to see our delegation to give moral support"

Guard: "I'm so sorry but only athletes can enter through this gate. And besides, you don't have any tickets to enter the Stadium. You must first buy your tickets and enter through the other gate."

Palibhasa puro kuripot kahit maraming pork barrel, the scene continues:

Senator Maceda (most intelligent): "Alam ko na mga pare kungpaano tayo lulusot!! Hintayin nyo lang ako dito......". And he goes tothe men's room and gets a floor mop, discards the cotton mop and returns to the gate with just the wooden pole.

Guard to Maceda: "Excuse me sir, where are you going? Are you an athlete?"

Maceda, showing the long wooden pole: "I'm with the JAVELIN team," and the guard allows him inside the gate.

Speaker De Venecia and ERAP are both surprised at this bright idea and De Venecia starts to move quickly to the parking lot of the stadium and gets a hubcap from one of the parked cars.

De Venecia to Guard: "Well, I hope I'm not late, I'm with the DISCUS team"... and succeed in getting into the gate and leaving ERAP all alone.

ERAP to himself: "Akala nila sila lang ang may utak... tekanga at makapunta sa Hardware Store doon sa tapat".....

Guard to ERAP upon his return: "Excuse me sir, why are youcarrying so many rolls of chicken wire on your shoulders? The maintenance dooris on the other side..."

ERAP (proudly): "Can't you see I'm an athlete? I'm with the FENCING team"

AYOS..... at kaya tayo natalo sa Olympics......

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