My Favorite Erap Jokes

Even before he became the President of the Philippines, Erap jokes have been popular. Here's some that have been sent by my friends.

 Erap has Brain Cancer 17 Mar 1999

 Why did the Chicken...? 16 Jan 2001

 Call Center 10 Mar 1999

 Erap in a California Pizza Kitchen 15 Mar 1999

 Erap and the Laptop Jan 27 1999

 Fax from Malacanang 10 Mar 1999

 NPA Commander Surrenders Jan 11 1999

 Erap's Speech at the Ateneo Homecoming Updated Jan 27 1999

 When Erap Got Drunk Dec 15 1998

 Medical School and Space Exploration Dec 15 1998

 Erap in the 96 Olympics Nov 10 1998

 Erap in Kuala Lumpur Nov 20 1998

 Miting de Avance Oct 19 1998

 Philippine Condoms Nov 6 1998

 Erap Soliciting Campaign Funds


 Erap Riddles Updated July 16, 1998

 Erap's Cabinet

 Erap Strikes Again

 Erap and the World Wide Web

 Erap in Grade 3

 Erap Headlines updated Sep 24 1998

 Erap's Acceptance Speech

 Firing Squad

 Erap and Miriam

 Erap News July 21, 1998

Erap's Application Form Aug 6 1998

Erap Endorses Milo Aug 11 1998

Erap Survives the NPA Aug 19 1998

Erap Applies for a Diploma updated Sep 30 1998

Erap Makes a Wish, Etc. Aug 28 1998

Do Not Disturb Sep 15 1998

Logic Lang Iyan Sep 29 1998

Medical Exam Oct 5 1998


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