When Erap Got Drunk

Erap was at a black tie party along with Reli German who supplied him with a constant flow of Blue Label. All the gentlemen came in black jackets, white shirts and black ties and the ladies in black gowns.

Erap thought it was a boring party so he kept drinking his Blue Label to get him through the night. Then he saw a lady in a white gown. "Reli, that's the lady I like," Erap said. "She is a non-conformist and a rebel. I think I will ask her to dance." "Madam, would you care to dance with the President of the Republic?" Erap asked.

The lady replied, "No, and I will give you 3 reasons why. Reason No. 1, I don't know how to dance." "That's a legitimate reason," Erap remarked.

"Reason No. 2, you are drunk," the lady continued. "That's your opinion," Erap said.

"Reason No. 3, I am Cardinal Sin."

Erap was trying to get in touch with his son, Jinggoy, so he decided to page him.

He dialled '141 - 777777' and an operator answered, " Hello, pager number 777777, sender's name please..."

Erap answered " Ahh... ERAP."

The operator continued, " Message please."

Erap said, " Ahhh... Jinggoy, this is your father. Your beeper is with me."

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