Erap Applies for a Diploma


Now that Erap is the President of the Philippines, his last goal in life is to get that much-coveted diploma from his alma mater, Ateneo de Manila. With this, he felt he would be a truly accomplished man. So he approached Fr. Bernas about the matter. Fr. Bernas was sympathetic with Erap so he gave him a final exam before he can be granted a diploma.

Fr. Bernas gave Erap 3 questions of which he only needs to answer 1 correctly. And this will be a take home exam. All of this concession were given so that Erap will surely pass the exam and also to save his face from possible failure. Erap agreed and took the exams.

The 3 questions were:
a) How many seconds are there in one year?
b) How many 'D's are there in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?
c) How many days in a week that starts with the letter 'T'?

So Erap went home and studied the exams.

The next day he went back to Fr. Bernas with the answers. "O, Let me have your answers to the 3 questions" said Fr. Bernas. "First, How many seconds are there in one year?"

Erap answered "12!"

"12?" wondered Fr. Bernas, "but there are already 60 seconds in 1 minute..?"

"Father, It is 12! January SECOND, February SECOND, March SECOND, April SECOND..."

"Okay, okay how about question 2. How many 'D's are there in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?" said Fr. Bernas.

"I can't count it father," said Erap.

"Why?" asked Fr. Bernas, "All you have to do is sing it. Okay sing it so that you can count it."

Erap sang Rudolph the red-Nosed Reindeer but he doesn't know the words "Da, da, da, da, da, da, (to the tune of Rudolph). See father, you can not count the 'D's"

"Hay naku! This is your last chance," said an exasperated Fr. Bernas. " How many days in a week that starts with the letter 'T'?

"Two!" said Erap and this brought a smile from Fr. Bernas.

"Goooood!" said Fr. Bernas," and what are these?"

Erap answered proudly "Today and Tomorrow!"

Hay...Sa uulitin!

Thanks Greg

Erap And St. Peter

Before Erap could be admitted in, he had to answer three questions correctly.

St. Peter: The first question is, how many days of the week begin with the letter "T" and what are these days?

Erap : Ahh, that's easy. Two! and these are "Today and Tomorrow!"

St. Peter: (Wincing as he asked the second question) The next one is in math and science. How many seconds are there
in a year? (St. Peter then handed a calculator to Erap, which the latter
proudly refused)

Erap : Hah, that is a trick question. But you can't fool me. There are only 12 seconds in a year. January 2nd., February 2nd., March 2nd.,........December 2nd.

St. Peter: (Clearly exasperated). This is your last chance and it is about religion. What is the name of God?

Erap ; Ahh, that one I memorized since my Ateneo grade school days. The name of God is HAROLD.

St. Peter: Harold?

Erap : Yes, HAROLD, "Our Father who art in heaven, HAROLD be thy name.


E, di inulit nga. Thanks Noel.

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