My Favorite Pinoy Jokes

I get these jokes via e-mail from friends and relatives.

Filipinos love to laugh at themselves. I suppose that's why there's a lot of Pinoy jokes out there.

This page is for the benefit of all the homesick Pinoys out there ... Also for those that would like to be homesick. (You know what I mean....)

 Watch the Exit Mar 17, 1999

 Para sa Mga Tanong Nyo Nov 16 2000

 Pinoy Night Before Christmas Dec 22, 1998

 Signature Brands Jan 11 1999

 Nur Misuari, etc

 Filipino Song for the Holidays Dec 9 1998

 Pinoy Ads and Signs

 Battle of the Brainless

 Filipino English Updated 19 March 1999

 You May Be Married to a Filipina If ...

 Vincent Van Gogh and Family

 Ateneo vs La Salle vs UP vs others

 Mi Ultimo Ubo

 Military Lingo

 Filipino Chinese

 Help Wanted

 Long Distance

 Hooray for PAL

 Good Ol' Gary

 More Pinoy Ads

 Let's Speak Inglis

 Ang Sentenaryo ng Pilipinas Sep 24 1998

 Questions and Definitions Sep 24 1998

 English Translations of Filipino Names Updated Oct 28 1998

 Pinoy Store Names Oct 2 1998

 More Gary Lising Jokes Oct 20 1998



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