Erap Headlines

Now is a good time to set up an airline company to pick up the slack from PAL. I heard Joseph Estrada will try it and name the new company ERAPLANO.
July 1 is the first day of office of President Erap. And starting from
this date, telling erap jokes will be considered a crime. However, live
performances will be available everyday in Malacanang.

One day ERAP is entering Malacanang.

GUARD: Sir, ID ninyo ho ?
ERAP shows his ID and said " Eto O !!"
GUARD: Sir, I-Pin ninyo ho.
ERAP smiles and shows his TEETH. he he he

Cardinal Sin is accepting ERAP to be the new president because he found
ERAP very close to the Lord. Gambling Lord, Drug Lord, Carnapping Lord

Erap is a little bit confused on what surname to use. Estrada or
Ejercito so he asked his presidential advisers. and they all suggested "
Sir, toss coin na lang ". and Erap happily agreed. He now told everyone
to start calling him President Joseph Tosscoin.

Reporter asking President Erap ?

Sir, it is clear that Senator Gloria Macapagal will be your Vice
President. what are your plans for her ?
ERAP: Nothing, because I don't get involved with married women.

Latest on Presidente Erap. By the way, rumors are going on that Erap will
soon change RP (Republika ng Pilipinas) to RPP (Republika ng Pelikulang

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